Mojo the Programming Language of 2023

Mojo is the programming language for all AI developers. It considered as the  future language for future developers!. Mojo uses the multiple programming paradigm like concurrent, functional, object-oriented, generic, imperative, structured, block structured, reflective and modular approaches. Mojo is from the programming family Python. Mojo is designed by Chris Lattner Co-Founder and CEO of Modular INC. In 2022, the Modular company was founded by Chris Lattner, the original architect of the Swift programming language, and Tim Davis, an ML thought leader at Google. Now the team includes Tim Davis Co-Founder and President, Adin Scannel, Eric Johnson, Mike Edwards, Nick Kreeger, Tatiana Shpeisman, Abdul Dakkak, etc. Mojo is the one of the important  innovation in the year 2023. The preview released is Mojo 0.3.0. and another important feature of Mojo is that it can support cross platform application development. Mojo is using advanced compilation features powered by the MLIR (Multi-Level

10 Easy Ways to Find a Job in COVID-19 Days

   At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic spread out slow-down has affected the job market and most businesses are cutting costs to survive, it is again difficult when it comes to job search for freshers. Here are a few job search tips that you can easily find your chances to get a job in COVID-19 times: 1. Be Positive This is a fact that the situation is tough but with patience and positivity, you can surmount these tough times as well. Attend free motivational classes from Sinet Education, See motivational videos and make a team with job aspirants who are ready to fight up to a job positively.  2. Upgrade and Sharpening your Soft Skills As the important thing is not giving up. And the most important part is to update and keep sharpening your soft skills. Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Work Ethics, Flexibility, Adaptability, Interpersonal Skills etc has to achieve. Don't think after completing a course you are perfect. Go online and join o

How to guide the fresh job seekers after COVID19 pandemic.

As all of us have been struggling with  COVID19  from the start and even today we can not predict when we will remove our face mask. It's not at all a medical issue but our new generation workforce really stuck and standing in front of a tough confusion.   Actually, we can not easily neglect this deadlock created by COVID19  as it is not in our control. But obviously, there are solutions for our fresh graduates to tunnel this issue.  Experts from 'Sinet educational service' advises the fresh graduates to encounter with the following questionnaire :  1)     Where I have to do the job?    2)  In which country I prefer?     3) Specifically which city is better for my career?      4) Is my degree is enough for my dream job?     5) Is anybody join hand with me in this mission?     6) Shall I need to do any professional course in this regard?     7) Is it better to achieve any international recognition for this purpose?       8) Where I will get these certifications?     9) Whe
Fresh software graduates trapped by COVID?  Most of the software students finished their MCA, MSc, BCA, BTech, BSc computer science degrees in the year 2020 is facing a confusion of what to do next. Some are placed or part of the placement drive activities.  But the majority of them are seeking a word to go further.  Sinet collaborative Internship program  I suggest them to chose internship programs of the software company like  Sinet Logics  and the collaborative programs of " Sinet education ". Here students will get software education in latest technologies like Python, data science, AI etc.  After getting an excellent education, students have to undergo training in selected domains as per their choice.  As part of the training, they can apply the software engineering principles they need to practice in a software company.  And can be expertized from software analytical phase to maintenance face in many verticals. How to Apply? Students finished or result in waiting can be