Fresh software graduates trapped by COVID? Most of the software students finished their MCA, MSc, BCA, BTech, BSc computer science degrees in the year 2020 is facing a confusion of what to do next. Some are placed or part of the placement drive activities.  But the majority of them are seeking a word to go further. 
Sinet collaborative Internship program I suggest them to chose internship programs of the software company like  Sinet Logics and the collaborative programs of "Sinet education". Here students will get software education in latest technologies like Python, data science, AI etc.  After getting an excellent education, students have to undergo training in selected domains as per their choice.  As part of the training, they can apply the software engineering principles they need to practice in a software company.  And can be expertized from software analytical phase to maintenance face in many verticals.
How to Apply?
Students finished or result in waiting can be applie…